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Official Cambridge exams

All Cambridge English exams test oral expression, listening skills, reading comprehension and written expression. They also test vocabulary and grammar knowledge. Our school facilitates the enrolment to these exams and we provide holistic and thorough preparation to our students.

CPE­ Certificate of Proficiency in English
C2 European Framework
The highest level certification that Cambridge English offers. This certificate shows that the candidate has reached an extremely high level. It is usually done by non-native English teachers, translators or people who need an excellent level of English for professional or academic requirements.
CAE­ Certifcate in Advanced English
C1 European Framework
It is an Advanced level exam recognised by companies, educational institutions and governmental departments around the world. It is usually required to study in an English speaking country or to work in a company which requires a high level of English.
FCE ­ First Certificate in English
B2 European Framework
This upper intermediate level exam shows the candidate’s ability to use written and oral English in everyday situations work or studies. It is the most popular certificate around the world and it is a requirement to graduate from all Catalan Universities.
PET­ Preliminary English Test
B1 European Framework
It is an intermediate certificate for teenagers and adults. It certifies that the candidate is able to use their linguistic skills in English to work, study and travel. It is a requirement to study a masters degree in certain universities.
KET­ Key English Test
A2 European Framework
It is a basic level certificate which shows that the candidate is able to use their English to communicate in basic situations. It certifies that the candidate has satisfactorily started their learning process. It has a similar format to PET and FCE exams so is also seen as an important first step into the world of Cambridge English examining.
MOVERS It is a perfect exam for children aged 10 and 11 as it helps them to develop their linguistic skills and improve their level of English.
STARTERS It is the beginning of the process of learning a language. It is a fun exam for children aged 8 and 9 that introduces them to every day English, both written and oral.

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